Supporting Survivors

Julie works to find support for survivors disclosing sexual violence and often listens confidentially to disclosures. She understands that survivors usually need time to process what they might do to seek justice, and whether this is something they need/ can endure.

Julie works with survivors groups in several countries and may be able to direct you to one that you can connect with.

Justice for Irene

Survivors Voices (UK based)

MACSAS (Ministry & Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors) (UK) (also houses information about the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group Guiding Principles which Julie negotiated as part of her settlement with the church). is an Australian website built by survivors for survivors, and is highly recommended for materials developed for responders, friends and family, and decision-making and self-care for survivors (see for example,  Follow My Lead, My Safety Kit, and a selection of excellent videos).

Julie is a regular speaker on the impact of PTSD and the type of understanding and support that traumatized people need from their lawyers and support persons. She believes that the legal process, both civil and criminal, needs radical reform that reflects our understanding of the impact of trauma on victims.

More details on Julie’s trauma-informed proposals for law reform are described in her book, “Going Public” (also available on Amazon).