Non-disclosure Agreements

Julie is committed to ending the use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to enable employers to “pass-the-trash” to other workplaces and institutions.

This reflects her experience of uncovering an NDA given to a colleague, who left the university after an investigation into his sexual and emotional harassment and abuse of students ( Julie describes her experience as a whistleblower here : My Life as a Whistleblower

These blogs also discuss NDAs and the gagging of both victims and others who would alert new employers:

Should Universities be Using Non-Disclosure Agreements when Employees are Terminated for Sexual Misconduct? (by Jessica Proskos)

5 Reasons to Reject NDAs

When Your Employer Expects You to Hide the Truth

Julie regards NDAs as immoral because they protect predators and endanger others. They are also unnecessary to protect victim confidentiality (many victims are not even consulted on an NDA, or if they are they are frequently pressured into accepting it for the benefit of the harasser).

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