Julie’s most recent book describes her personal experiences of sexual abuse and rape when she was a young person, and her journey through the legal system seeking justice.

As publisher Between the Lines Press describes the book:

“It took Julie Macfarlane a lifetime to say the words out loud – the words that finally broke the calm and traveled farther than she could have imagined. In this clear-eyed account, she confronts her own silence and deeply rooted trauma to chart a remarkable course from sexual abuse victim to agent of change.

Going Public merges the worlds of personal and professional, activism and scholarship. Drawing upon decades of legal training, Macfarlane decodes the well-worn methods used by church, school, and state to silence survivors, from first reporting to cross-examination to non-disclosure agreements. At the same time, she lays bare the isolation and exhaustion of going public in her own life, as she takes her abuser to court, challenges her colleagues, and weathers a defamation lawsuit.

The result is far more than a memoir. It’s a courageous and essential blueprint on how to go toe-to-toe with the powers behind institutional abuse and protectionism. At long last, Macfarlane’s experiences bring her to the most important realization of her life: that only she can stand in her own shoes, and only she can stand up and speak about what happened to her”.

To order “Going Public”, go to https://btlbooks.com/book/going-public.

It is also available on Amazon (.ca, .co.uk, .com, .au).

Julie is offering virtual webinars, readings and discussion about “Going Public”. If you are interested in setting up a session for your organization, workplace, book club, or other group please email Julie.

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