In 2014 Julie “came out” as a survivor of sexual abuse, rape and domestic violence. Her new book “Going Public: A Survivor’s Journey from Grief to Action” (Between the Lines 2020) describes her personal experiences and then her journey through both the civil and criminal systems to find justice for her sexual abuse by an Anglican church minister as a teenager.

Beginning with her then employer (the University of Windsor) Julie has also worked with students and faculty to focus attention on shortcomings in university policies and programs for responding to sexual violence.

Julie works with colleagues in universities in Canada, the US and the UK to draw attention to the failure of universities to protect students and employees from sexual harassment and predation, and the need for more robust, transparent and effective processes. She also works on related legal system issues including the use of “experts” and widespread practice of demanding non-disclosure agreements or “gags” on survivors. She is a regular speaker on the impact of PTSD and how lawyers, clinicians and supporters can best understand and support people with PTSD, including herself.

Podcasts on Sexual Violence

The Anglican church
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